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Exciting Times in Costa Vida Estates!


 The Infrastructure Is Underway!

Costa Vida Estates road (100 loads of gravel) has been placed.

The videos show a packer going over the gravel to make a strong solid base.

Look for weekly updates showing Costa Vida Estates' progress.

Delivering & Placing Gravel

Time for the Packer

 The Infrastructure Underway

Water Management!

The concrete Cuneta's and gravel have been delivered.

The Cuneta's are being placed beside the side of the road. The water will drain from Cunets into catch basins giving control of how the water travels throughout the community.

The experienced crew on-site starting the prep work for the placement.

Infastructure Drainage
Concrete water management drainage

Water Management Completed throughout the community!
Installation took a total of 1,000 Cunetas, 3 weeks of hard labor!

 Ready for Waterlines!

Main Waterlines being installed on October 25, 2021!
Installation throughout the Community!

Look forward to seeing multiple videos of Installation!


Waterlline delivery.

Waterlines Installed Costa Vida Estates!

Electricity For Costa Vida Estates 
Installation Started on March 15th,2022.
Electrical Engineers have installed poles and anchors. 

August 21st,
An Enviromental Impact and Feasability Study
has been completed by Setena.
Remaining Electrical Wire, Transformers and LED Light should be installed within the next month.

Ice Connects Power
Community of Costa Vida Estates 

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